When transporting the sea and mixed (river sea) cargoes, the company proclaims the commitment and gives a priority to the safety of navigation and prevention of pollution.


 Safety on the sea and inland waterways, including vessels safe operation; prevention of death and injuries of people, environmental and property damages are the priorities of the company, to accomplish which  Amur Shipping Company JSC:


  • carries out the activity in strict accordance with the international agreements and the Russian legislation;
  • introduces and supports Safety Control System operation;
  • undertakes effective measures on maintenance of technical condition of vessels in compliance with the classification society standards;
  • directs the efforts to prevent dangerous situations in vessels, by observing safety standards (rules and norms), training the personnel for actions in emergency situations;
  • invests in training and professional development of personnel, that allows for upgrading Safety control system level in the company;
  • creates the social prerequisites (including instruments of office promotion) stimulating the personnel to decision-making, allowing for increase of the navigation safety level;
  • takes actions for identification, assessment and management of all revealed risks related to vessels operation, the company personnel activity and prevention of environmental pollution;
  • announces the commitment to the fight against use of alcohol and drugs on vessels.