Amur Shipping Company
Group of Companies

At the present time " Amur Shipping Company " unites in the group of companies “Amur Shipping Company” marine and river transport enterprises, operates 5 river and sea port transshipment complexes located in the territory of the Russian Far East. Amur Shipping Company Group renders a range of transport&logistic and stevedoring services, also it is in the lead in the volume of freight transportation by the Amur river, providing 70% of cargo shippments. The fleet of Amur Shipping Company Group counts with (data on the fleet size can be taken from the presentation). All vessels operate under the flag of Russian Federation.

More than 2000 people work at the enterprises of Amur Shipping Company Group.

The basic enterprise of the group is Joint Stock Company "Amur Shipping Company” (the short name is JSC ASC), it is located by the following address: Khabarovsk, Muravyev-Amursky Str., 2.

Company's Structure

Amur Shipping Company

Trade Port

Blagoveshchensk JSC

Khabarovsk Repair and Operational Fleet Base JSC

Amur Shipping Company JSC

Amur Shipping Company, JSC is a leader in terms of traffic on the navigable rivers of the Amur River and one of the largest sea carriers in the Far East region.

Amur Shipping Company was established in the middle of the 19th century, in the period of the beginning of navigation on the Amur River. Today the company is an absolute leader in the Russian Far East in the volume of freight traffic on the navigable rivers of the Amur River basin. Besides, Amur Shipping Company JSC performs operational management of the leading transport enterprises in the region united in "Amur Shipping Company" Group of Companies.

Developed and infrastructure-provided river-ports are managed by Amur Shipping Company Group, those that specialize in cargo transshipment and storage, nonmetallic construction materials extraction, and also ports serving as international border crossing checkpoints.

The river ports are located in the territory of Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Oblast.

Amur Shipping Company owns sea and river vessels, including river-sea vessels, multipurpose sea vessels and barge towing convoys.

Maintenance and repair of the fleet is carried out by own repair and operational bases in Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk.

Amur Shipping Company Group  is one of the main executors of the Northern Delivery state programs, within the framework of which the delivery of potentially significant cargo to remote areas of the Northern Territories is carried out.

Amur Shipping Company group of companies carries out intermodal and multimodal cargo transportation, transshipment and storage of cargoes, extraction of nonmetallic construction materials and also renders services in complex service of the fleet, agency service of vessels and exercise functions of cargo check points.

Here you can familiarize with the full list of the services provided by Amur Shipping Company Group and draw up an online request for the service that you interested in. We guarantee you a quality which is based on the 150-year history experience of the navigation by the Amur river basin and sea destinations to the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.

Amur Shipping Company group of companies unites a number of the leading transport enterprises of the Russian Far East, river ports, transshipment facilities, repair and operational bases in Svobodny, Blagoveshchensk, Amursk and Khabarovsk.

Amur Shipping Company Group has capacities which allow transshipment up to 4 million tons of freights per year.

TYPES OF Operating activities

  • Stevedoring works on all types of transport
  • Accumulation, handling, storage of cargoes
  • Deliveries of cargoes from the consignor to the consignee
  • Maintenance and repair of the river fleet
  • Production and sale of nonmetallic construction materials
  • River transportation of cargoes by own fleet
  • Agency and transport-forwarding service
  • Customs Services

Closed joint stock company "Khabarovsk Repair and Operational Fleet Base" (CJSC “KhREB FLOTA”)- the largest industrial enterprise among repair bases of joint-stock company “Amur Shipping Company”, incorporated 1895,  is located by the side of the Amur River, near the center of Khabarovsk.

"Khabarovsk repair and operational fleet base" has its own berthing facility, cargoes transshipment platform, places for storage and refuge of vessels. Maintenance and repair of the company fleet is conducted on the basis of "Khabarovsk Repair and Operational Fleet Base" CJSC

Trade Port Blagoveshchensk JSC

Khabarovsk Repair and
Operational Fleet Base JSC

Trade port Blagoveshchensk is one of the largest river ports of the Far East. It is situated on the crossing of the Amur waterway with the Trans-Baykal railway line, highways, airways, and also is one of the most important links of a powerful transport corridor to the Central Russia.

Blagoveshchensk port is in the regional center of the Amur region in the city of Blagoveshchensk, on the confluence of two rivers: the Amur and the Zeya. The successful geographical position of the port allows to expand a sphere of activity not only along the entire length of the Amur River, but also to transport cargoes by the river Zeya. "Trade port Blagoveshchensk" has strong ties with the ports of China, being engaged in a cargo transportation from Heihe, Syunke, Minshanya and also from the ports of Tongjiangs and Jiamusi, located on the Songhua River.

Trade Port Blagoveshchensk JSC since the beginning of 2009 has combined the activity of all the ports of the Amur region, in particular, Trade Port Poyarkovo CJSC, Trade Port Zeya CJSC and Surazhevskoye LLC - the river port of the city of Svobodny. Hence the commercial activity of all the ports is conducted in consolidation at the head office of the company in the city of Blagoveshchensk. (Lazo St. 1, the territory of Trade Port Blagoveshchensk JSC.)

Port resources:

  • The port throughout capacity is more than 2 million tons of cargoes per year.
  • 8 portal cranes of loading capacity of 5 to 20 tons
  • Crane with a gauntry loading capacity of 32 tons
  • 6 units of floating cranes, 1 dredge
  • Outdoor storages (25 000 sq.m), indoor storages (4100 sq.m), warehouses under covers (1420 sq.m)
  • More than 50 units of the river fleet
  • The total area of the port territory is about 340 thousand sq.m
  • The port frontage is 720 lane meters
  • Accumulation, handling and storage of freights is carried out by the port at any season of the year, both  in outdoor and indoor storages.





680007, Khabarovsk, Oboronnaya str. 1

Tel: +7 4212 583 703


675002, Amursk Krai,
Blagoveshchensk, Lazo str. 1

Tel.: +7 4162 22 54 04
Fax: +7 4162 22 54 31

At the present time the enterprise repairs the fleet, the equipment, propulsors and etc.  JSC “KhREB FLOTA”  has all necessary equipment for maintenance and repair of the fleet:

  • berthing facility
  • cargoes transshipment platform
  • places for storage and refuge of vessels.
  • machines
  • facility
  • boat slip
  • equipment (gear) for construction, repair and modernization of vessels, watercrafts with a loading capacity up to 2,5 thousand tons and ship internal combustion engines